Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paris and Beyond...

Paris & Beyond...through September 29th!!

~ Dale Johnson's Artist Statement ~
The Photographs in the Paris Portfolio were made to capture the feeling of ‘Old Paris’ ~
the City in it’s various facets; narrow lanes, old buildings,
busy cafes and shops with their window displays.
My personal artistic expression is derived from Pictorialism,
a style of photography which paralleled the impressionist style of painting that was characterized by soft focus and atmospheric effects.
In order not to compromise this creative endeavor with a myria of photographic equipment,
I experimented extensively with different lenses to find the
artistic tool to best serve my purpose.
I searched for a lens that would convey a timeless
solitude and a look of times-gone-by.
Working with a hybrid combination of old and new technology,
I exclusively use a plastic camera lens adapted to a sophisticated digital camera body.
All images are shot with available light.
This gives my work a moody, evocative and dreamy feeling.

~ Robb Johnson's Artist Statement ~

I work with the journey we are all on;
in a figurative mode of expression,
conveying a meaning other than the literal;
using symbolic figures,
actions or places,
my landscapes.

In my visual world,
what you don’t see opens up your imagination,
allowing the mystery of the unknown to color the image.
The images I create evoke a world where the viewer
is free to explore with his or her own emotions and awareness -
a drama unbeknownst but to them.


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